Hey there!

I’m Fernanda, but friends call me Fer. I’m a small town girl in love with design, living a fulfilling life, and finding beauty in the simple things. I am also the founder of Cherry Daydream, a limited edition lifestyle shop.

Funny enough, I didn’t really discover my creative side until I married an artist at 25, but I have always known the kind of person I wanted to be and the life I wanted to build. This is what inspires me in everything I create for Cherry Daydream. Five years into this adventure of a lifetime & two years into this business journey have brought me here. I’m someone who loves to create, inspire people, and learn new things.

If you like this vibe and if you love the style that combines fun, comfortable, and quality trendy pieces that you can incorporate into your own street style, then you’re my gal! Make yourself at home.