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See the Beauty Project

Hey guys, there are SO many reasons we are excited to share this project with you! It’s in our core mission to inspire, encourage, and empower you through everything we create. Let’s focus on the empowering for a moment. What if you could use these creations to change someone’s life? What if the items you find here on the shop would empower you to help restore vision to a child or adult? THAT’S what we’re doing with our See the Beauty Project. We have created a collection that will benefit the 20|20|20 Organization!

Here’s what we hope to achieve:

  • Raise funds to help restore vision to blind children and adults
  • Raise awareness to find beauty all around us and value the things we take for granted in life

BOOM, just like that.

So… How does this work?

It’s pretty simple! When you buy anything from our See the Beauty Collection, a portion of the profits will go to the 20|20|20 organization.

We dream of making a difference. We dream of creating things that will not only be beautiful, but that will inspire you to turn thoughts into action, dreams into reality. This project is special because it can help bring to life the dreams of people who cannot (yet) see with their own eyes. But we’re hoping that, with your help, we can change that. We can’t do this without you!

What is 20|20|20 and what are they about?

20|20|20 is about restoring 20/20 vision to 20 million blind children and adults. While blindness is rare in developed countries, it is 500% more prevalent in the developing world and it can affect people of all ages.

“In a developing country, when you go blind, your eyesight is just the first thing you lose. Some say it is like dying with your eyes open. When a 35-year-old farmer goes blind, he loses his farm, all of his income and his family becomes beggars. When a 25-year-old mother goes blind, she loses her marriage and her children as her husband throws her out and marries someone else. […] And when a child goes blind, they pretty much lose everything: the chance to go to school, to get a job, to lead any kind of a normal life.

“The saddest part of this massive blindness problem is that […] half of the blind children and adults in the world could have their eyesight restored through a simple, 15-minute surgery that costs as little as $300. The poorest people in the world, who live on $1 a day, could never afford to pay for a $300 surgery. So they will remain blind for the rest of their lives – unless someone helps them. 20/20/20 is your chance to be that someone.”

How does 20|20|20 help restore vision?

Unlike other surgical charities that send doctors and nurses on 2-week medical missions, the 20|20|20 Organization empower local doctors and nurses through free training, equipment and financial aid. Their team has more than 30 years of experience in providing free surgeries for the poor in developing countries. This year, 20|20|20 will help provide tens of thousands of surgeries, and every one will be provided through the hearts and hands of local doctors, nurses and other medical professionals.

How cool is that!


Will you join us in this? We can’t do this without you!


See the collection below & get ready to shop!

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